EducationUSA is a public diplomacy program. Our host institution, American Dominican Cultural Institute is by the U.S. Department of State’s definition a binational center, with the mission of promoting U.S. education system, culture and values ​​through the following programs: 

Educational advising Individual and group advising in the capital city and out of the capital city. Support the US colleges and universities, organizing educational fairs and presentations at the DR schools and universities, among other tasks. 

Information Resources: Monthly Group meetings, attend educational public events promoting the US higher educational system and opportunities to study in the USA. 

Culture: Celebration with public activities of the International Education Week, The Black History Month, the Hispanic Heritage Month, among others with the support of the US Embassy Academic and Cultural Section and the Consular Section. 

English: Promoting US programs, online free services to learn English (for public sector and students coming from low income families). Department of State American English links, the Book Club among other resources. 

Alumni engagement: Support to US Embassy activities. Our services are FREE

Rosa Rodríguez