The Universidad Dominicana O&M is a Higher Education Institution founded on January 12, 1966. Its slogan ̈a great project, for a great nation ̈, resonates with the institutional mission and vision, as the largest private university in the Dominican Republic, with eight campuses spread across the national territory and more than 50,000 active students. In 2013, O&M founded the O&M Medical School (O&Med), with the intention of offering medical education with the highest international quality standards, under the slogan of “one world, one medicine”. An integrated curriculum, as a hallmark of this new educational paradigm, with problem-based learning (PBL) as the main pillar of the integration, delivers research methodology foundations across the three main axes of the curriculum platform: basic sciences, clinical sciences and public health. With research competencies at the core of O&Med educational goals, the Community Component constitutes one of its major growth opportunities, exposing students to hands-on experiences from the onset of their training, as a complement of the medical simulation transversal axis covering the first five years of the O&Med curriculum platform. Classes are taught in English, with hospital and community-based activities delivered in Spanish, in order to reinforce the O&Med core mission of training medical doctors able to integrate basic sciences with clinical practice, research and commitment to the community.

Yunissa Koury