The Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago – UTESA is an open and humanistic university that offers ample opportunities at all levels and modalities of higher education, to people with aspirations of personal and professional growth, consistent with the demand of the market and the of development of the productive forces of the country, under the highest quality standards. Ensuring to educate and specialize human talents, conduct and promote scientific research, produce goods and services with a sense of social projection and offering equal opportunities for all people, without distinction of race, gender, religious or political creed. Our Headquarters are located in Santiago and we have 7 other campuses within the country located in Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Santo Domingo Este, Mao, Puerto Plata, Moca, Dajabón (border area) and Gaspar Hernández. As a result of our expansion strategy, UTESA currently has more than 60,000 students enrolled, more than 100,000 graduates, more than 2,000 professors, and more than 1,000 administrative employees. Statistics that positions UTESA as the largest private university in the Dominican Republic. Committed to the academic develop of successful professionals, UTESA has a postgraduate school, a continuing education center, and a language institute (English and Italian), and an undergraduate school. UTESA has developed a University-Enterprise division composed of several companies in different productive sectors that have been created or acquired, with the purpose to serve as laboratories for our students, as they participate in practice and training programs in real operating enterprises, create development centers, and also to serve as employment generator for our graduates, creating synergy with local needs of the Dominican society.

María Rodríguez