On March 20th, 2001 by way of presidential Decree number 389-01, the University of the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano, was authorized to begin its operations as an institution of higher education.  Its academic programs consist of undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as numerous courses in continuing education. The University of the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano is the first university in the Dominican Republic to implement its programs in Spanish and English, instilling in its students a high proficiency in both languages.

We are a cultural and educational bi-national institution that prepares citizens with competencies that enable them to communicate in English and Spanish, and to successfully enter a local and/or international workforce.

For the last half decade we have collaborated with several institutions, such as MINERD, MESCYT, INAFOCAM and ISFODOSU on in-service training programs that have contributed to the ongoing professional development of teachers, researchers, technicians and the general public in order to train them to appropriately face the challenges of a society that aims at constant development through the offer of continuing and extracurricular programs.

Our programs at a technical level, undergraduate, post-graduate, and continuing education, which integrate scientific knowledge and professional skills with the knowledge and management of the English as a second language are:

Undergraduate offer:

  • Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Software Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Business Management 
  • Teaching English

Postgraduate offer:

  • Specialization in Finance
  • Specialization in Information Systems.
  • Business Management (MA)
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (MA)